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Drapes complete the look of the area they hang in and add to. In the winter time it is fine to not have thin, lined curtains. If your favored curtains are thin and you'd like to get them lined there is custom altered, or no demand to have them done. You can put in a lining to any panel style drape yourself. All you need are the appropriate supplies plus a sewing machine.

-- Use a tape measure to measure then span and the width of the curtain that is ready made.
-- Lay the lining face down on your own work surface. Make sure it is smooth and straight, the length horizontal and the width vertical. Utilize a tape measure, straight edge, and material marking pen to measure and mark the backside of the lining based on the measurements you require. Make the line dark and clear so you are going to have certain lines to cut.
-- Cut on the liner to size using sharp material cutting scissors.
-- Lay the lining face back on your work surface once it is cut to size. Secure using common pins every 3 inches, also known as straight pins,. Don't pin the corners as the sides will soon be pinned in the corners. Fold the bottom side upward 1/2 inch, fasten with pins. Fold the side edges over 1/2 inch, secure.
-- Use a sewing machine to stitch all pinned edges. Stitching twice is unnecessary as the seam will likely be stitch when it's attached to the ready made drape. Remove all pins once you are finished sewing.
Lay the liner over the curtain, equally, face down. Fasten all edges together by fitting pins every 2 inches. Fix the liner to the drape by inserting the pin down into the drape and through the lining, then through the drape as well as the lining 1/4 to 1/2 inch around from where the pin was inserted.
-- Use a shade of thread that fits or blends in with all the shade of the leading side of the curtain that is ready made and also a sewing machine. Remove all pins and hang the curtain.

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